152,877,659  miễn phí bản quyền cho những bức ảnh / 552,015 TẬP TIN ĐƯỢC THÊM VÀO TUẦN NÀY
subscription-plan-icon Kế hoạch đăng ký
Recommended for long-term image usage.
$ 0.53 /Ảnh
credit-plan-icon On Demand Credits
Downloads images, footage and audio clips.
$ 1.13 /Credit

Chọn một kế hoạch mà làm việc cho bạn

Bạn muồn thiết kế cho nhóm của mình hoặc cho kinh doanh của mình một kế hoạch?

Điều gì khiến chúng tôi khác biệt

Mỗi một lượt tải xuống được bảo đảm bởi $25000 với đăng ký hợp lệ
Không giới hạn số lượng in ấn thương mại
Hơn 90000 tài nguyên kỹ thuật số mới được thêm vào hàng ngày.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Credits, Download Pack and a Subscription Plan?

Credits can be used, at any time within one year of purchase, to download all types of content on 123RF - photos, vectors, footage & audio. It can also be used to purchase an Extended License, if needed.

A Download Pack or Subscription Plan is recommended for users with a steady predictable need for content. These plans allow for image downloads from S to XL for both photos and vectors (EPS for vectors are also available). These downloads come with a Standard License or Editorial Standard License.

Can I cancel the auto-renewal on my subscription plan?

Yes, you can. Just go to My Account > My Purchased Plan / Invoices to turn off the auto-renewal.

If you’re currently on an installment plan, the auto-renewal will take effect upon completion of the final payment.

What can I do with a Standard License, and when would I need an Extended License?

A Standard License allows you to use the content in all your personal, commercial and advertising projects.

An Extended License is required when you need the rights to resell a product that incorporates the content, or in an Editorial usage when the content is used for more than 500,000 aggregate print runs.

For further information, please refer to our license details page or contact us.

When do I need to cite 123RF as a reference?

123RF and the contributor’s name needs to be cited whenever its content are used in editorial and video film television broadcast (documentaries etc.)

How do I update the billing information on my invoice for the next purchase of credits, subscription or download pack?

You can do so by following the steps below:
1. Go to My Account > Personal Information
2. Update your Profile with the relevant details.
3. That’s it! Purchase as usual.

The generated invoice will be based on the latest profile information.

How do I know what’s the best image size for my usage?

All of our images come with a pixel size next to its respective size. You’ll also find its actual print size in centimetres / inches based on the DPI specifications within the category.

Here’s a rough guide on how to determine the right size to purchase:
- For small image posts and profile pictures, smaller sizes such as S would suffice.
- For image usage that requires sizes from a half to full page, we recommend sizes from M to L.
- For extra large prints, we recommend our XL size.

These are just rough estimates. You can check with your local print shop for more accurate file requirements.